… that light track got extremely heavy after 10 minutes.ImageBut we had to make sure we got it right.

Started the day early out at North Park for the Frigid 5 Miler. Because of the course and the expected road closures, I parked at the ice rink and then hiked up the hill to the North Lodge and the start. The temperature was hovering around freezing and there were a few slick patches on the road. Going to have to be careful. It was also misty raining with a little bit of ice and snow thrown in for good measure. I didn’t really have great expectations for this race; obviously I wanted to finish, and anything around an 8 min pace would be good. Especially since I have run at all since Thanksgiving. I was rather excited to be honest.

On the start line I saw one of my old nemesis. She and I used to trade finish places when I was running regularly. She crushed me today. At the finish line I saw another lady with whom I would trade finishes. She crushed me too. And the weirdest thing of all in the race today, at least for me, was that I was constantly being passed. I think I passed one person and a ton of people came past me. I concluded that only the die-hard runners were out. Anyway, it was something I hadn’t really ever experienced before. But I coped. I also ran an 8:20min/mile pace too so I was quite happy. And this was with a last mile of 10:19 up the damned hill again.

Had a facilitating moment about half a mile from the finish. I was determined to run all the way up the hill (and I did) but many people stopped to walk. One girl came plodding past me breathing hard and then stopped to walk right in front of me. As I caught up with her and was passing her, I nudged her elbow and encouraged her to get running again by telling her that a slow run was faster than a fast walk. She picked it up again and managed to run to the finish. I think she figured she didn’t want to be beaten by an old fogey. I just smiled and congratulated her after I crossed the line. And she rewarded me with a huge smile and thank you.

The rest of the day was spent helping Anna and Brad with ‘stuff’ that she wanted doing in her house. It was a lot of fun and I feel quite lucky that she wanted to share that time with the old folks. Now I am exhausted. Back to CrossFit for a rest. Haha. Joke.

David is in serious training for his 100 mile race. Had a good weekend’s running – managed 46 miles (on foot). Amazing.

Hope everyone had at least one good experience this weekend.         Joanna

Never doubt yourself.