I know I have already posted this but I needed to include it here today.Image

Now all I have to do is string more than one together. But it is all about little successes; actually, for me this is huge.

Had a great WOD this morning. Worked with two super ladies, Carrie and Dana. They inspired me to try the toes to bar. So many people at the box; was awesome.

We had a thunderstorm this morning and torrential rain. It warmed up really nicely during the afternoon then it got windy. And now it is getting close to freezing again.

Am going to try to run the Frigid 5 Miler out at North Park tomorrow morning. Don’t think it is going to be too fast, considering that the final mile is uphill – the hill at the beginning of the Haunted 10K at Halloween. Fun fun fun.

Spent the afternoon at Anna’s new house helping her change stuff, hang stuff and generally make a mess. Going back tomorrow to make some more.

Haven’t seen the news but I can’t believe world peace broke out so I won’t look.

Enjoy Sunday.         Joanna

Never doubt yourself.