ImageI was in the grocery store the other week. Not unusual. But I noticed that the ‘potatoes’ section had finally been labelled more clearly – sweet potatoes, yams, potatoes, baking potatoes etc. Now, the picture above shows what I have been eating as ‘sweet potato’ for the last year or two. But that day it was clearly labelled ‘yams’. I collared one of the produce personnel and asked him to clarify for me exactly what was a sweet potato and what was a yam. He assured me that the orange vegetables were yams, and this Image was a sweet potato. Ok I accepted this; hey, he was the expert. Right?

Today, on Facebook, was this post: “A Little Girls Potato Experiment Will Change The Way You Think About Food!” Image I watched the video and noticed that the vegetables she was using were (from left to right) a sweet potato, a yam, a yam (as per my understanding). I was going to point this out in the comments section but then searched ‘sweet potato vs yam’. Imagine my surprise when I found these two articles. I am so wrong. And it is all the government’s fault.

What’s The Difference Between Sweet Potatoes and Yams? “Since there are two types of sweet potatoes, one with creamy white flesh and one with orange, the USDA labels the orange-fleshed ones “yams” to distinguish them from the paler variety.”

A Visual Guide to Yams and Sweet Potatoes (plus How They Fit Into a Primal Eating Plan) According to this article, there are 4 varieties of sweet potato. Go figure.

Anyway, both articles make a good read if you feel that way inclined. But the long and the short of it is that the orange ‘yam’ is a sweet potato.

Have a great weekend. This time it is stay dry.    Joanna

Never doubt yourself.

PS I know it’s not about me but I have to share. I am amazed, proud, overwhelmed by the outpouring of feeling towards Anna after her announcement yesterday. I have already gone through a box of Kleenex. Once again, thank you to everyone who supported her during her Olympic sailing.