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These are stills taken from the raw footage video by WPXI helicopter. It is the dam under the turnpike on the Allegheny River. If you want to watch the whole thing, here is the link:  Once it is going, you can slide through towards the end from where these shots were lifted.

Didn’t have a good day today. My old rib injury was particularly painful today but being me I decided I was going to WOD anyway. However, it turned out that both Paul and Coach Brad cordially instructed me not to do it. So I took pics instead and felt sorry for myself. Called in at the grocery store on the way home and bought some Epsom Salts and had a hot bath to try to soak away the pain. Kinda worked. Also had a massage this afternoon which helped a little more. But then I had a sneezing fit (must be about to snow) and 5 sneezes in a row didn’t do it a lot of good. I’ll have to see how it feels tomorrow when I get to the box.


Baked cauliflower and spinach. Yum.

As a consequence of not working out and feeling sorry for myself, I resorted to my therapeutic activity – baking. Ended up baking an apple and cranberry pie (Paleo of course). Was going to take a pic of it forgot and now it is almost all gone. Oops. I did also make a cauliflower and spinach bake which was quite yummy too.

I shake my head in disbelief: “Chris Christie’s bridge-sized headache”   Supposedly, one of Christie’s officials ordered additional lanes over a bridge to a town to be closed as payback for the town’s mayor not endorsing Christie in the last election. Oh boy. The pundits are calling Christie either a liar, or saying that he can’t control his minions, so how could he be trusted to be the President of the USA. I seem to think we have had similar sort of comments made about our present one. OMG, the next 2 years are going to be horrendous from an election standpoint. I think election campaigning should be limited to the two months before any election and should have a maximum budget.

soap-boxJumping down now.  19388-clipart-illustration-of-a-furious-yellow-smiley-face-with-flushed-cheeks-blowing-smoke-out-of-the-ears-and-screaming


Getting warmer and wetter. Watch for ice.  Joanna

Never doubt yourself.