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Driving home from the boat today, it got to 5:30pm and it was still light (glass half full girl). The evenings seem to be getting longer. However, apparently, at the other end of the day, the sun is rising at its latest over the next few days.

aphelion_and_perihelionPerihelion – “Our planet Earth reaches perihelion – its closest point to the sun for the year – on January 4, 2014. The word “perihelion” is from the Greek words peri meaning near, and helios meaning sun.”

One day, I would love to go north to see the Aurora Borealis. Unknown

If somebody published the following story as a book or made a film, people wouldn’t believe it; would say it was farcical: “US icebreaker Polar Star to help Chinese, Russian ships stuck in Antarctic ice”. I suppose it is really. I hope they all get out of the ice safely.           Joanna

Never doubt yourself.