Caught my Welcome Bear playing in the snow. He was trying to be a polar bear.

Totally failed on the handstand push ups this morning. The 5 sets of strict press that I did before hand might have had something to do with that. My shoulders are fried.

Saw the following article – Fitness fails: Workouts you need to stop doing in 2014 – and had to look to see if CrossFit was in there. Fortunately it isn’t. But I was surprised to see the Tough Mudder races included. It reports a large number of ER visits from one event but I wonder, percentage-wise, how these types of events rate against pick-up basketball games, football games etc.

YES!!! It’s true! Triathletes are tougher than the rest of us. Though I still hate going to the dentist. (read the article).

Warm up this weekend and then ….. next week, save electricity; empty the freezer and put your food outside. It’s going to be a damned sight colder outside than in the freezer compartment. Be careful out there.              Joanna

Never doubt yourself.