The third WOD of the 4th Winter Chiller (the CrossFit competition for which I signed up in a temporary state of insanity) was announced today. And it involves stones; much like this one. Somehow I have to lift this off the ground and up to my shoulder. And then put it down and pick up one even heavier. Hmmmm. Have just watched an instructional video on how to do this and at the end, the guy drops the stone. Phew. Going to need some serious practice on this one. Well, all of it really.

OK, yes, at the moment I have decided to continue writing my blog. I was going to give it a miss tonight but started to suffer from withdrawal symptoms. So here it is.

Had a wonderful day on the ski slopes with Paul. Finished grouting the new kitchen tiles when we got home. Almost all put back together. Back to regular routine tomorrow. Haven’t looked at the news, but the weather forecast is for 3-5″ of snow between early morning tomorrow and late Friday morning. Oh good. I think Paul is questioning his decision to give up his downtown parking permit. Might have to invest in a pair of snow shoes.

For the last time this year, wishing everyone all the best for the new year. Make the most of every opportunity. And learn from every experience.          Joanna