I made it all the way through the year, writing a blog every day except for a couple of days. I thought I would repost my first ‘blog’ which was actually sent as an email just for interest’s sake.

One of my resolutions for 2013 is to write an email or a letter to someone different every day during this year. As a recipient, you might get one, two or more of these emails, depending on how many contacts/addresses I have. My plan is to write my letter here, adding to it each day so that that day’s recipient will be able to read everything that went before. Each day’s addition won’t be long, and chances are there will be huge disconnects in the subject matter and it might well be very boring but we’ll see how it works out. And how long this lasts.



Got up to snow this morning. Looks very pretty and even better it deadens the noise from the road in the valley. Going to be cold today; high 32F with wind chills in the teens. The Morning Show says that the colour for the year is shades of green. I’m OK with that. Oh, and bold stripes. The federal government (Senate) voted in favour of a bill to prevent the fiscal drop. Need a vote in the House today. I have to say I don’t feel bad that the government had to work the weekend. Welcome to the real world. Still painting the house; hopefully finish the stairwell today.


Have a great day. Do something nice. Never doubt yourself.  Joanna xoxoxox

And the funny thing is, it snowed most of the day today with very cold windchills And I took a pic of the snow. Turns out it is of the same bushes too.  Image
I had a ‘thoughtful moment’ as I was driving home in the snow today. The snow was swirling around and I just couldn’t get my head around the fact that every snow flake I could see, and couldn’t see, was different. And I got to thinking, over the course of time, has there ever been identical snowflakes? How do we know for sure? Not every flake has been examined. I also had a picture that every snowflake was an idea, challenge, New Year’s resolution  …. All I had to do was catch one and everything would be revealed. Weird, I know.
We have almost finished the tiling in the kitchen. Again, full circle; working on the house.
Wishing everyone a very happy new year. I hope 2014 brings you the opportunities you want.
Hug someone.  Smile at someone else. And most importantly, never doubt yourself.      Joanna