I tell myself that every time I go to the store. Usually it is because I forget to buy something. However, today, we went to Lowes for a couple of things – on the list: to return two shop vac filters and buy the correct size and to buy a couple of pieces of plumbing for the boat.

Because it was supposed to be just a few things, we didn’t take a cart into the store. Got to the plumbing section and Paul began to configure the plumbing he needed; 90 degree bends and reduction in sizes. Four pieces later he was happy but then he doubled up on every piece so that we can replace the plastic plumbing pieces we used last year on a similar project. Then there was a couple of other pieces and it was time to get that cart.

And then it started. Order another blind. Didn’t need the cart for that. But while I was doing that, Paul went to find the replacement shop vac filters. Into the cart. Then, oh yes, we need filters for the furnace. Two packs of those. Into the cart. Walked past the appliances; next time. But it did remind me that I wanted to put up a splash backing above the cooker to catch the grease splashes. Why don’t we tile it? says Paul. We’ll look. Ten sheets of tiles, one tub of cement and two tubs of grout later, our cart was full. And the list was rather superfluous. And now we have to go back to Lowes because we have decided to tile a little more of the kitchen!

Not all the stars aligned for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Well, at least the football didn’t. Kansas City Chiefs missed the field goal, San Diego went on to win O/T so that was it for the Steelers.

It rained all day. Not much good for skiing and goodness knows what it has done to the snow that was already on the ground. Will take some cold temps and frozen precip to make it good again.

Two more days to decide what resolutions to make for next year.                 Joanna