Needed to do some plumbing on the boat today so had to crawl down into the bilges. Unfortunately I have to go in head-first and there is no room to turn around to come out head-first. There is room to turn over so basically, to get out I have to do a ‘sonic’ move. Not the easiest of maneouvres when hitching one’s self up on to the cabin floor. Then the itching began. This happened last time down the hole too. Because I get very up close and personal with the glass fibre in the bilge, it rubs off on to/into my clothes. Fortunately I had a change with me.

Today was my niece’s birthday; Happy Birthday Pili. It’s been an exciting year for you. Here’s hoping that the next 12 months presents you with many more exciting opportunities.

I wonder what would happen here if the US Coastguard were called out of an incident such as this.

‘Penguin and Santa’ taken to Cornish harbour by RNLI

Two men who were in a toy inflatable boat and wearing penguin and Santa costumes have been taken to a Cornish harbour by the RNLI after they were seen drifting out to sea.” (unfortunately there was no picture)

However, ….


The new baby penguins at Pittsburgh Aviary.

Have you come up with your New Year’s Resolutions yet? I am still thinking.              Joanna