This flag arrived in the mail today. It is a visual reminder of the cruising we did manage to do this year. Have to admit, most of it was done during our vacation up in the North Channel and in Lake Huron. Sunny days, warm evenings and mostly quiet nights. Stand-Up paddle boarding with no fear of falling in because the water was warm. In total contrast to today – as we came across the Fort Pitt bridge on our way home from CrossFit Mt Lebanon, it was snowing quite heavily and the Monongahela River was looking steely grey cold and flowing fast. Still, the flag was a reminder of what, hopefully, the coming boating season has in store for us.


My magic shoes

Got these shoes in my Christmas stocking yesterday. Wore them today whilst lifting weights today and what a difference. Hit another PR. Have dubbed them my magic shoes. (I’m easily amused.)

Paul is taking me on vacation for a couple of days soon – going to work on the boat in the cold shed. Yum. However, if we don’t do the work now, our cruising time in the summer will be severely curtailed.

In these last 6 days of 2013, I am celebrating the fact that I have written a blog/comment every day except maybe 2 or 3 days. The first month was written as emails to family and friends and then I began the blog in February. I am debating with myself now, whether or not to challenge myself again for next year. Still, I have a few days left to decide.                 Joanna