This little dog managed to find the weak point in the green toy, apparently. Kloe, opened my present to her, found the squeaker and drove David and Bekah nuts and then found that if she pulled on the fluffy tuft on the top of the green monster’s head, it pulled out the stuffing. ‘Made in China’ quality for you.

And of course there was the stuffing with the turkey. The oven cooked the turkey way faster than it was supposed to and the stuffing was still in the fridge, i.e. cold, when everything else was on the table. So our food was a mixture of cold to piping hot and everything in between. But it disappeared very quickly so I suppose the temperature didn’t matter too much. And the pie! The four of us inhaled and, poof, it was gone.

We pulled the obligatory crackers, which didn’t really go crack. They rather disintegrated when pulled and the little cracker strip had to be pulled separately. However, they had in them the traditional really bad jokes which I know you all really want to read, so I saved them. Here we go. Try not to throw up; yes, they really are bad.

What’s orange and sounds like a parrot?              A carrot.

What do you call a deer with a bad eye?               A bad idea

What do Santa’s little helpers learn at school?      The elf-abet

What do you call a cheese that isn’t yours?          Nacho cheese

Why did the golfer bring two pairs of trousers (aka pants) to the game?      In case he got a hole in one

Hope you are all feeling contented with your day. Tomorrow is Boxing Day. Traditionally, when we lived in England, we would go sailing. Today, I think we will go WOD’ing. Merry Christmas.             Joanna