Is this irony? I was in the grocery store this morning, wading my way through the mass of humanity and I seriously thought about buying myself some flowers. Haven’t had any for ages but decided not to. On the way back to the car, with my groceries, I thought to myself that I should have put flowers on my Santa List but I hadn’t. So as usual, I would go home and not have any flowers. However, imagine my surprise when Paul said that something had arrived from Jenny and Martin and I found this beautiful arrangement. So again, is this irony? Open to opinions/explanations. It now has pride of place in my front room.

There are many people/families not just in this country but around the world, who are not going to have a happy Christmas for one reason or another. Many here and in southern UK are without power, flooded out of their homes, stranded at airports. I hope they all find some comfort somewhere. Jen, if you are reading this, I hope, that if your flight leaves from Gatwick, they get the power back on PDQ (

For those of you who like McGridles, Paul found this recipe for Paleo McGridles. Thought I would share: Haven’t tried it myself but it sounds OK.

Had a great WOD today with a wonderful bunch of people and then I finished off my session with a personal best in my dead lifts. Had had a secret wish that I would get to 200lb but only managed 195lb. But I’ll take it, especially seeing as 8 weeks ago I was DL’ing 65lb. Had a PB yesterday for my back squat too.

It snowed a bit today too so although we may not have any snow falling tomorrow, it will still look like a white Christmas because of the snow on the ground.

Anyway, got to go to bed in order to give Santa a chance to visit. Have fun. Be safe. Say thank you.            Joanna