The other day I was chatting with some other CrossFitters and I mentioned that as Anna and David were growing up, I would challenge them, to take them out of their comfort zone. But I would never ask them to do something that I knew they wouldn’t be able to complete, i.e. I never set them up to fail.  And in my chat, we came to the conclusion that Coach Brad seems to have a very similar philosophy. He constantly challenges us. And he most ably demonstrated it today. In the WOD today, kettle bell swings were scheduled. I set myself up with a 35lb KB; I am a fairly newbie with the 35. However, Brad stuck a 55 in front of me and told me that he wanted 1 round from me and then I could use the 35. I was very skeptical. Actually, I totally doubted that I would be even able to pick it up off the floor never mind swing it up in the air! Ha, but Brad knew better. The whole WOD was not pretty but I managed.

ImageAfter I had scraped myself off the floor, I went home and baked. And made some really scrumptious leek and spinach soup. Which tastes even better (if that’s possible) with slices of tiny oranges.

Two articles: “Expensive Healthcare Doesn’t Help Americans Live Longer” – basically not enough money is spent on preventative care, actual health care. Mostly it is spent on illness care.

Apple-a-day call for all over-50s” – apples, or for that matter any fruit (according to the report), have a similar effect on heart health as all the statins out there. The old wive’s tale: ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ seems to have been correct all along.

So rather than prescribing pills etc for people, let’s get the doctors to prescribe fruit and vegetables. Let’s take the power away from the drug companies and give the tax subsidies and grants to the organic farmers so that they can produce affordable, healthful food that everyone can buy. Let’s spend the money on educating people on how to cook the food rather than relying on fast food chains.

OK jumped off my soap box. Sleep well. It’s Paul’s birthday tomorrow. Special day.          Joanna