OMG, it is so yummy! I apologize if you are getting bored with my food pictures, but this is a new venture for me; rather like CrossFit.

Major senior moment today. I was printing some cards and the printer stopped printing, after having warned me for several days that the light cyan was running low. I got the new color cartridge, took out the old one and blow me, the new one didn’t fit. I compared the shapes and sizes and there was one little notch that was in a different place – hence the reason for it not fitting. After about 5 minutes of trying to ‘force’ the new cartridge into the slot, I checked the one I had taken out. That was when I discovered I had removed the cyan cartridge, not the light cyan. Duh me! When I tried to replace the correct cartridge, it went in straight away.

There was something else I was going to share but can’t remember it now. I’ve just remembered what it was.

I was in Target today and there was a father with his young daughter at the check-out and a cart full of goodies. He put the cart on the ‘escalator’ for carts and carried his daughter down the ‘person’ escalator. The thought crossed my mind, how many stupid people have left their children sat in the cart and launched child and cart down the ‘cart’ escalator. I wondered also if there was an automatic stop, like there is on a ski lift if a skier fails to get off the chair (been there, done that).

Some people are really sick. A teen has been arrested for attacking a nun in a church parking lot. Burglars cut the phone lines and stole amongst other stuff, an 89 year old wheelchair-bound woman’s life alert button so that she wouldn’t be able to call the police.

And then, at the other end of the spectrum, there is Real Christmas Trees for Troops.

More snow tonight and tomorrow before a warm up later in the week. Be safe.         Joanna