I was planning on trying out a couple of new soup recipes today. And given the weather, soup would have been good for lunch. However, the best laid plans, and all that, changed. I mentioned to Paul that I was going to go to the grocery store. He said that he would come too but that we were going to make a slight detour to Home Depot to buy some dry wall, some 2″ x 4″, and a door. Hmmm! It was at this moment that the realization hit me that the soup was going to have to wait. We did go to the grocery store and I did purchase the necessary ingredients but I just put them away, straight into the cupboards and fridge.

ImageAbout 12 months ago, we set up a mini-gym in our basement; it shared the space with Paul’s work area. In an attempt to stop the sanding dust getting into/on to the equipment, I put up a plastic curtain. It worked quite well but was a real pain in the neck if you wanted to get to the tool bench. We had been promising ourselves that we would put in a permanent wall and door sometime after the sailing season. Well, the season has finished and today was the lucky day.

Not quite ‘The Laughing Policeman’, but credit to “Piano-playing policeman praised in Czech Republic“. When I read the report, sadly my first thought was, “I bet, if that happened here in the States, the policeman would have been reprimanded”. And then I got to thinking about the traffic cops who make a show of directing traffic.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend. Stay warm.     Joanna