… it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. And  yes, it is a bath duck wearing little Christmas trees.

Wasn’t sure if I was going to manage my post today, or at least not from my computer. Whatever it is inside the computer that latches onto the WI-FI signal seems to be dying and for the longest time I couldn’t connect to my home internet. Touch wood, it seems to be working OK at the moment. (Better save what I have done so far, just in case.) My previous Mac went the same way at about the same age – 2 years old. I wonder(ed) if it is built in obsolescence. Curious if anyone else with a Mac laptop has had the same problem?

Paul and I WOD’d this morning and then went down to the South Side to watch some of our fellow CFML Bradletes (if Paul and I are allowed to call ourselves that yet) compete in the Holiday Hammer competition at Crossfit Athletics. Competition was fierce, support was loud and plentiful and determination was brimming over the top. Some were old hands at competition and others were newbies; congratulations to everyone. I was exhausted just watching.

It was raining when we left CFML and when we arrived at the South Side. It was sleety raining when we left to go home and most of the snow that had fallen earlier was gone. But when we got home, up the hill, obviously it was just cold enough for the snow not to have turned to rain and we have a good 3″ on new snow on the ground.

To shed some light on the bulb (as in light bulb industry and what we will be able to buy): “U.S. switches off sales of incandescent light bulbs” The report says that production and importation of 40 and 60 watt bulbs will be illegal from next year because they don’t meet efficiency requirements. It’s been a while since I have bought bulbs, still using my old stock, but the report doesn’t say anything about 100 watt bulbs. Are these even still manufactured? I can’t see that they would meet efficiency standards either. Huh, but what do I know.

Here’s an award you might not like to get: “Obama’s ‘you can keep it’ promise wins ‘Lie of the Year‘ ”

To finish on a lighter note (no bulbs in this one), “On Second Thought: A lighthearted look at current events

Be safe out there. Watch out for the ice and snow and all the crazy drivers.            Joanna