in particular those competing from CrossFit Mt Lebanon, Polish Josh, RyanD, Rob, Morgan, BrianSellsPittsburgh, and Chelsea. Remember to have fun and enjoy the experience.

A long term study has shown that exercise ‘significantly reduces the risk of dementia”.

Call me a skeptic, but I really can’t see this happening:  “FDA to curb antibiotic use in livestock” by asking the pharmaceutical industry to voluntarily relabeling their antibiotics stating that they should be used “only to therapeutic purposes of treating, controlling and preventing diseases in animals under the supervision of a veterinarian”. Apparently farmers feed them to their healthy livestock because it makes the animals gain weight faster.

And today there was another shooting in a school in Colorado. Thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of those shot.

Supposed to snow again tomorrow so I am now going to snuggle up in my bed. Have a great weekend.        Joanna