Met up with Paul this evening, just in time to get to Shenandoah CrossFit, Winchester VA. for their 6pm WOD. Coach Shawn Rider did a great job of pushing us through their programme. And just when we thought we had survived, there came the Redline finisher – 20 burpee box jumps for time. Hmmm. I think we did a whole bunch of these yesterday too. Legs were majorly protesting by the end. But as you can see, we did survive.  Thanks to everyone at the box.

We are on our way down to Virginia Beach to watch David in his first major acting role and singing role. Two firsts in one play. I know I have already mentioned this, but now it is really happening. He plays Bob Cratchet in Scrooge. And he gets to sing along with the music Bekah has orchestrated. It is almost a Tunnicliffe production. I am excited and nervous for them both.

Before leaving this morning, I baked some brownies for David and Bekah. They are sitting in a box in the hotel room and it is taking all of my will power not to dig in and take a slice or 6.   😦

Can’t find any news I wish to share. Safe travels tomorrow.        Joanna