I have to admit that bacon and chocolate chips did seem like strange bed (or should I say cookie) fellows but …..


they actually taste quite good.

Went to see Hunger Games: Catching Fire this afternoon. It was a lot better than I was expecting.

A couple of other things. My pet peeve at the moment: a ‘news’ report about how children’s Santa list has gone high tech. The child goes around a store and scans various items that he/she wants. Shouldn’t we be teaching our children that they are not entitled to these things? Shouldn’t we speak with children about the things they would like? If they get one item on their list, they should be grateful, happy. But how many children are going to be disappointed on Christmas day because they didn’t get all that they had been encouraged to expect? (Rhetorical question.)

And I think this headline is miswritten – “US government lost around $10bn on GM bailout” The government, who used tax payers’ money to bail out this car giant, has now lost us, the tax payer, $10bn. It is beyond belief.

Jurassic Park becoming a reality? Extinct species may be ‘resurrected’ by splicing their DNA on to/into a living species that is very close in DNA codes.

Be safe. Stay warm.      Joanna