And we have probably just over an inch at the moment. Fortunately we got away with no ice/freezing rain. The forecast is for another 1-3 inches overnight but we will see. It is supposed to stop just after midnight too which will give the Ohio and Penna Turnpike commissions plenty of time to clear the turnpike for our drive to Sandusky in the morning.

Here is a new spin on a Big Mac. A couple in Tenn., took home their drive-through MacDonald’s breakfast bag and found it was full of the restaurant’s cash takings. The report says that they immediately said that they had to take the money back. But honestly, I bet the first thing out of their mouths was, WTF? Where’s our breakfast? Now we are going to be late for work.

Good luck to everyone who is competing from CrossFit Mt Lebanon this weekend. Be safe on the roads. Travel conditions are likely to be pretty yuck.                 Joanna