Collected my age-group award from the Turkey Trot today. Had a very gentle bike ride from Millvale to Downtown. Nearly went to look in at Macy’s windows but town was quite crowded and I didn’t fancy the fight with my bike. I did notice, however, that the temperature down on the river trail was a good few degrees cooler than it was up on the streets. The river must be cooling down and it probably won’t take too much more cold weather for it to freeze.

Drove to East Liberty/Shadyside and parked at the gym. Got the bike out again and cycled down to the butcher’s to order my turkey for Christmas. While in the store, I spied some lamb sausages so bought some for dinner tonight. Took the package and put it in my saddle bag and set off for Market District. Do you know how difficult it is to find All Spice? I have seen it in recipes for ages but never been able to find it. Anyway, Anna gave me a bag of the stuff and the label was from Market District. So that is where I went to buy a bag for myself. I took my saddle bag off my bike to go in the store and that’s when I noticed the smell – overpowering garlic.

I went to the East Liberty library after that and stank out that building too. And then my car. And then my house. And now, the one sausage that is left is stinking out my fridge. But Paul said that they were quite tasty so I’ll hang on to the sausage/banger for his dinner tomorrow.

Anna started coaching me through a pull-up this morning. Didn’t get the pull-up but did get a ripped palm.  😦

And the final ‘insult’, I have dried super-glue over all my fingertips. It feels really weird. The upside? My fingertips aren’t stuck together.

Warm, potentially soggy day tomorrow and then it goes downhill. Make the most of the mild weather.          Joanna