After two days of fairly brutal WODs at CrossFit Mt Lebanon and Sunday on the ski slopes, both Paul and I felt rather like the Tin Man; everything creaked as we moved. Fortunately our saviour, in the person of Erin Tibbetts, came this evening and for 90 minutes had us stretch and ease into movements to help free up our rusted muscles and joints. The muscles, whilst still sore, at least now flex and contract as they should.

Here is a great idea to help young people resist the gangs and drugs which are so prevalent these days. “Jose Antonio Abreu, Venezuela’s musical visionary”    It would give them something else to think about, rather than going around hitting people on the back of the head trying to knock them out.

Beautiful day today; very short run in shorts and short-sleeved t-shirt. Making the most of it before the next onslaught of winter.   Joanna