The model is questionable but the scarf is brilliant. It is a hand-made, in the USA, infinity scarf. Ordered last week and came today and it is just perfect for the cold winter weather just waiting to blast the Pittsburgh area. Will fit very snuggly inside my ski coat too. It was made by my niece. She makes many different items to order. Here is her link: if you like to see what else she makes.

On those rare occasions when someone really annoys you and you feel like calling them an insulting name, try one of these old words which seem to be making somewhat of a comeback, at least in the UK – rotter, bounder, cad, nincompoop, twerp ….. For more, check out this link:

Not sure if I have shared this before but it is something to sleep on (bad grammar I know but it didn’t have quite the same effect when I wrote it correctly).

Zzzzzzzzzzzz            Joanna