Beautiful conditions at Hidden Valley today, just right for a first ski of the season.Thought it might be a little icy but it wasn’t. And we went early so as to avoid the crowds. As it was though, our skiing session was cut a little short; Paul had a couple of major wipe-outs and so before he did any major damage, we called a halt to the proceedings. He did twist his knee somewhat. Said he could ski on it but couldn’t walk.

Image   Tried a new recipe too – Paleo almond fudge brownies. Oh so delicious. Anna and Brad came over to watch the 4:30pm football game and for dinner so I thought I would try it out on them. There is none left (Paul and I ate a little of it) – it got the seal of approval. Diet starts tomorrow.

Now it is back to routine for 3 weeks and then it is Christmas. Was thinking earlier if you have any 2013 New Year’s Resolutions still unfulfilled, now would be a good time to get them done. And if you already know your 2014 resolutions, why not get a jump start on them.

Image  Very tragic – New York train derailment killing 4 and seriously injuring several more.

Thanks to my family for coming to visit for Thanksgiving. It was lovely to have a full house for a few hours. Glad everyone made it home safely. Please be careful out there on the roads.             Joanna