David, Bekah and the dog left this morning and the house echoed. It is so empty and quiet. It was great to see them and Anna and Brad over the last couple of days. Paul and I did see Anna and Brad again this morning because we went to WOD at CrossFit Mt Lebanon. It was a partner WOD so I worked with Paul. I couldn’t understand why I was struggling on one of the lifts, until I got home and looked at my recording sheet. I was trying to lift 5lb heavier than my PR so far. Duh me! Still I managed so I suppose that is progress.

After that, we drove down to Hidden Valley to get this season’s ski passes. If we had thought ahead, we should have put the skis in the car so we could have skied this afternoon. Though having said that, not sure my legs would have stood up to the downhill rigours. Tomorrow.  Going to climb the rickety stairway to my bed. Sleep well everyone and enjoy your Sunday.          Joanna