These photos have absolutely nothing to do with the title. They are, however, from yesterday’s Turkey Trot.


I just want to say how proud of and excited I am for Bekah, (who is disappearing off the right hand side of the top photo and who is standing on the left of the group photo) and her achievements these last couple of days. Bekah’s background is not hard core physical fitness; she is a very accomplished musician and song writer. But when she comes to visit, she is rather thrown in at the deep end. We try to encourage her out of her comfort zone and take on challenges which test her confidence levels. My philosophy is that I will only ever challenge someone with something that I know they are capable of completing successfully.

So yesterday, Thanksgiving Day, when the apparent temperature/windchill was in the single digits, Bekah was having major doubts as to all of our state of minds and her own. It took a lot of coaxing and re-enforcing and encouragement from David and I to even get to the start line. Mental blocks ranged from, ‘is there any chance that I might get lost on the course?’ to ‘I’m so cold, I need more clothes’. As it turned out, neither did she get lost, nor did she need more clothes. By the time she got to the 6th Street Bridge on the way out she was quite warm. And the crowning glory of her achievement yesterday was that she PR’d her 5K time from this race two years ago by 9 minutes. All of that was a great confidence booster for her. Then today, she came to the box and WOD’d. I am so pumped for her.

And after that, we went to the mall – first time Black Friday. I was full trepidation, visioning having to fight my way through the crowds but actually by the time we got there, the crowds were fairly thinned out. I think most people must have come during the night so that by the time we got there, they were all tucked up in their beds at home. Which was totally fine with me.

While Bekah and I were at the mall, Paul had taken David down to the riverside trails so that David could go for a run, while Paul rode his bike. David has a 50K in 3 weeks so he needs his long run practice.

Unfortunately they are leaving tomorrow to go back home. But I will be going down for a brief visit in less than two weeks to watch David take on his first major acting role as Bob Cratchet in A Christmas Carol/Scrooge. I am looking forward to that. It’s rather a ‘Tunnicliffe production’ because Bekah is in charge of the pit orchestra for the play.

Have a great weekend. And if you are traveling, be safe.         Joanna