Thought about posting a picture of my turkey, which fell to pieces as I took it out of its pan. Thought about posting a picture of our pies but they are all gone. The Turkey Trot pictures show us absolutely freezing. This picture shows the final activity before watching the Steelers’ game. It’s called The Battle Of The Sexes. So we had Brad, Paul and David against Anna, Bekah and me. After a romping first round which we won, the boys sulked so we let them win the next 3 rounds and so the game.

Full day, full stomach. Started with the Turkey Trot downtown. Between the two races, 5K and 5 mile, there were just under 4800 finishers. The mass of humanity was quite incredible. It took 3 minutes or so for all the runners to cross the start line for both races. It all turned out OK in the end but there is a story to our starts.

Bekah, Anna, Brad and Paul were running the 5K – start time 9am; David and I running the 5 mile – start time 9:30am. Because it was so cold, David had the great idea that the first crew could put their warm clothes in a bag which we would hold on to until they finished, at which time we would trade off and we would put our warm clothes in the bag and then run our race. This should have been possible because Anna and Brad were bound to finish before our start, i.e. in less than 30 mins.

However, as with all best laid plans, it didn’t quite go as hoped. Anna and Brad decided to run with Paul so it was getting closer and closer to our start time and they still hadn’t arrived. Then David noticed that our race had actually started and we still had the bag. He dashed off to our pre-arranged meeting place and left the bag all on its own. Then he and I charged across the start line, way last. As we came back around to pass the start/finish area (about 1/2 mile into the race), we both looked for the bag with the same thought. We had left an unattended bag in a heavily populated area. OMG. Talk about a security risk. Fortunately the bag was gone; there was no major evacuation taking place; and there was a total absence of security personnel and police. Then we saw Paul, Anna and Brad, gesticulating towards the bag. Let me clear up a point. David and I weren’t not running together. The only time that happened was as we crossed the start line.

There is one thing about starting at the back of the pack. I was always going forward through the pack. Ran a 39:20 (7:52min/mile) so was quite pleased with the result. Oh, won my age group too.

And then, as we were leaving, I managed to get on the HOV lane out towards Cranberry. Duh. I was wondering why all the cars were doing U-turns at the lights. It was a fast trip because there were no other cars on the road. Took the scenic route home.

And then, it seems that all I have done since then is eat. But it was good food. And all Paleo.

So now I think it is time for me to get horizontal. The Steelers are losing 0-10 at the end of the 1st half.  Hope you all had a wonderful day.        Joanna