Image …  and it did and it will tomorrow too.

My candle tree. Actually it’s a wine bottle rack but seeing as we don’t have wine bottles any more, I decided it was a perfect receptacle for my candles.

Went for a run today; it was beautiful. Was supposed to be running some hill repeats with Anna but it was too treacherous under foot for running hills. Then on the way home, it started raining and it felt colder in the rain than it did this morning when it was snowing. Go figure. And then it started getting foggy too.


Thought the following piece is quite a good read, especially if you are trying to motivate people to work out.  and of course, I mentioned all of these things when trying to encourage my children to get up way before the birds to go high school swimming.

And now we are ‘going to war’ with China. “US bombers challenge China air zone”

If you are driving tomorrow, be careful, stay alert, be safe. And watch out for all the other idiots on the roads. I hope all planes are on time and the same for trains too.               Joanna