Yesterday we bought a new tv, receiver etc because our old one broke. Today I went to collect a new cable box and both the guy in the tv store and the lady at the comcast store assured me that it was all just a case of hooking everything up – connect this to that and that to the other – call this toll free number and it will work. Just like that. I connected everything up as I was told, and as the instruction manual said, and even called the guy at the tv store just to make sure I had done it correctly and still I couldn’t get a signal. I spent over an hour on the phone with a lady with a very strong Chinese/Oriental accent, who was extremely difficult to understand and she couldn’t help me either. Eventually I suggested to Paul to take ‘that’ plug out of there and plug it in there and hey presto, it worked. Totally not hooked up as the instructions say, nor the way we were told by the store. Why can’t people just learn their stuff and TRY it to make sure it is correct.

Was actually having quite a good day until I came home. I conquered the 24″ box jump at CrossFit – yay; improved my max Thruster lift by 25lb; and my overhead squat (in a WOD) by 5lb. And then there was the dreaded comcast.

Going to collect my turkey tomorrow.  Going to snow tomorrow.          Bundle up.          Joanna