It was really cold today with lake effect snow showers. Didn’t venture very far. Anna and Brad came over for lunch and I tested out my Paleo pumpkin pie with them and Paul. Apparently it was OK.  🙂

Paul and I went to the ski shop for (1) to get him a face ‘mask’ for riding his bike in the cold temperatures, as it will be tomorrow, and (2) to get me some skiing mitts, which are really for Christmas. But he did say I could wear them before hand if it was cold outside. I am most appreciative of that and I promise to wrap them up on Christmas Eve to put under the tree and when I open my present on Christmas Day, I promise not to scowl and complain that I have been given a second hand pair of ski gloves.

Haven’t seen the news so can’t comment. The Steelers did win at Cleveland. They (the Steelers) play Baltimore on Thursday and both teams have a 5-6 record so it should be an interesting game.

Just going to be cold tomorrow. Wind chills are quite low. Wrap up.                 Joanna