ImageLeft this morning before 6am and drove to Sandusky to work on the boat for the day.  On the way home we chased the lake effect snow down the turnpike. Just south of Cleveland we began to see signs of snow on the fields and hedgerows. By the time we reached the 200 mile marker, we were in the thick of it. In the next 38 miles (to the end of the Ohio turnpike) we passed 16 accidents and one dead deer. The deer wasn’t involved in any of these accidents; it was just dead. The snow fell, melted then froze into black ice. It was all rather scary. Took a little longer to get home but we managed it safely. Thank goodness.

Think I need to take my computer to the Apple store. For some reason I can’t fathom, my Photoshop program won’t open. It did a couple of days ago with no problem; not now. And my iPhoto keeps freezing. Maybe it’s the built in obsolescence that is surfacing. Is that legal – built-in obsolescence?

And I think I won a pair of SKINS leggings but it was Coach Kevin from CrossFit Mt Lebanon who saw that I had won. I can’t find the actual post. Kevin took a screen shot of it and shared it with me so I hope I have done the necessary to claim my prize. I hope so.

Tomorrow is going to be cold. Good day to stay at home. Be safe.              Joanna