The last time Anna and I went for a pedicure together was about a year ago, in Miami, during our Thanksgiving break down there. It was a very relaxing way to spend some quality time with her; at least I hope she thought it was quality time too. The lady who was attending to Anna didn’t want to be in the photo so she wheeled herself across the room. Both technicians (is that the correct title?) did a great job and our feet and ankles are as soft as babies’ bottoms; until tomorrow’s WOD.

ImageThis too was quality time. Actually, it was a show of CrossFit sisterhood solidarity this morning. Part of the workout this morning was jump rope double-unders. Coach Brad gave us our assignments and woe betide us if we failed. Good incentive not to. However, some of us (me and two others) fell slightly short of Brad’s expectations, so we had to give a little back – several minutes of plank hold. Two of the girls didn’t have to do this, but they stayed and gave back as well. Thanks Ericka and Saria (I hope I spelled your name correctly; apologies if I haven’t). We will do better next time.  🙂

Can we apply this to US politicians?  “Are progressives born to lie, cheat and steal?”

Sleep well.           Joanna