Many children ‘slower runners than their parents were’. This is a rather sad reflection on what we are allowing to happen. According to the study, conducted over 46 years, involving 25 million children in 28 different countries, children today run 1 mile 90 sec slower than their parents. These results suggest that at an early age our children are already more unhealthy than we were and so we are setting them up for many more health problems as they get older; if they get older. It puts a different slant on grandparents keeping fit in order to ‘keep up with the grandchildren’. The grandchildren need to get their butts moving in order to keep up with their grandparents. I have to say, though, that my children run a mile substantially faster than I do so maybe I did something right. But it is food for thought. 


8 radical solutions to protect cyclists  Yes, I know this article is for potential solutions for London. However, I have to say, it scares me when I see cyclists on the roads wearing ear buds. I think the ‘share the road’ suggestion might work; it seems to be working pretty well (at least from a cyclist’s point of view) in and around Pittsburgh. Part of the secret is the BIG road markings of a bike every half mile or so. A big visual reminder to vehicle drivers. Not so sure I am a big fan of the ‘body armour’. That may reduce the seriousness of the injuries, but it doesn’t actually stop one from being knocked of one’s bike. Not sure what the law is here with regards to bikes on the sidewalk (pavement in the UK). Sometimes you just have to but this is where common courtesy comes into play. Bikes have to give way to pedestrians. And elevated cycling routes; that would be awesome. A bit like a HOV lane but for bikes. Yes. That one gets my full approval. But like the elevated cycling route, it’s rather a ‘pie in the sky’ dream. (Oops shouldn’t use jargon. How about, ha, that’s not going to happen.)

Had a great massage this morning by Mary. She managed to get my shoulder blade moving again. Not sure of her website, but her Facebook page is

Fixed the fence out the back on the deck. It’s been flapping around since we had the strong winds over the weekend. All in all, quite a good day.              Joanna