I have to confess, I was weaned on this stuff, albeit, in black and white, and when there were only 2 channels on the TV and you had to get up out of your chair and physically turn a knob to change the channel and if necessary move the aerial to get rid of the snow on the screen. But I was very young. The darleks were the scariest thing on Earth and in outer space to me then. After watching them try to take over the world, I insisted that the landing light be left on and my bedroom door left wide open just in case I happened to wake up in the night and I could see what was down the hall. And the curtains had to be left open too so nothing could hide behind them. Ahhh, good times. (

If you do go to the link, check out the casters (I think that’s the correct word) on the bottom of the darlek as it falls into the water while being chased by Dr Who (Jon Pertwee). Super high tech.

Image  Finally, can someone help me solve a problem. How do I get the milk for my tea out of the fridge without having to open the door? It seems that every time I open the door, food finds its way into my mouth. Not good. Am open to suggestions.              

Collected our race packets from the Downtown YMCA. There appeared to be thousands of them (not for my family) but generally. Am getting excited.            Joanna