According to the Weather Channel the line of storms should be hitting our area around 10pm and should be through by 1am Monday. Winds are supposed to be 25mph with gusts well into the 30’s and more. Sounds as though the storms that went through the Midwest were pretty brutal though. There already reports of several people killed in weather related accidents. Hopefully this area won’t be so badly hit. Prayers go out to those who have lost family and friends.

Have you ever noticed, probably not, that the weather stops when it reaches Canada? I find that really fascinating.  😉

We didn’t go boating today. At kick off time it was raining so we decided to go for a walk instead. What a game (and not in a good way).  After the first quarter, it was good of the Steelers to come back for the last half of the last quarter. And I know it was raining, but the fans definitely are expressing their displeasure; there were so many empty seats. Still, a win is a win so we’ll take it.

Tomorrow is Monday but that’s OK because it is one day closer to the weekend. Stay safe. Be careful if you are out on the roads.           Joanna