This straggly specimen is at the bottom of our drive. I was making sure the big camera worked because, as I couldn’t WOD again today, I decided to take proper photos of the other athletes. I took a ton of photos but not even being a competent amateur, in a good percentage of them, the athletes are blurred they are moving so fast. Thank goodness for digital.

Paul is definitely hooked on CrossFit at CrossFit Mt Lebanon. Three days in a row. I definitely think he needs a rest day! I wonder where I have heard that before? Oh yes, I think it was from Paul. Maybe I should have listened to him. Oops. 


One of the movements today was knees to elbows (while hanging from a bar). However if you hadn’t got that skill, you did knees to chest on the floor. Paul has obviously mastered that skill. Last time he tried it though, he had to lie on his back, stick his legs straight up in the air and do toe touches; he just couldn’t bring his knees and chest anywhere near each other. Huge improvement. Way to go Paul.

Hoping to take AbFab on the water tomorrow. Seems crazy that temperatures are expected to rise to mid 60’s tomorrow, in the middle of November. The Steelers are playing at home so we will go and hang out with the tailgaters for a while.

Have finished my banana bread. And almost finished my special Tupelo Honey teas. Might have to bake and get some more.

Nothing in the news I wish to share today.    Enjoy Sunday.             Joanna