If I can’t work out, I tend to get a little cranky. Okay, that’s an under-exaggeration. I get really, really cranky. Pretty much like a bear with a sore ass. To the point that if someone should step even ever so slightly out of line, I will quite willing rip them a new one. I have two ways of coping with this, (1) to bake; and/or (2) go to the movies. Not necessarily in that order. I was pretty uptight today so I had to do both before Paul came home or he might just have been the unlucky person. But I feel a little calmer now. And I have some really yummy banana/raisin bread to eat after dinner.

The movie I saw was “Gravity”. My brother had watched it and raved about it, so much so that he says he will probably go back  next week to see it in 3D. I thought about this as I was sitting in the theatre watching the film with the lights on (I’ll get to that) and decided that there was no way I could watch it in 3D unless I had a barf bag, nay, bucket next to me. The special effects were quite good although the plot line and ending were a bit naff. But if  you just need to chill for 1hr 30min it wasn’t bad.

But to get to the lights. Normally when the main feature is beginning, the lights dim to dark. Not this time and it did seem to rather detract from the special effects somewhat. On my way out, I stopped by the concession stand to ask if this was a new policy (for safety reasons?). But no, there was a glitch in the system. (I wondered if Obama had had a hand in it.) It would have been nice if someone had made an announcement to that effect. I really was ready to go off at the deep end but I bit my tongue. Let’s face it, what could the front girls do? Nothing. Exactly. So I decided to save my energy and hopefully will be able to expend it at tomorrow morning’s WOD at CrossFit Mt Lebanon with Paul, Coach Anna and Coach Brad.

And I just had to share this photo. My bros, on the right, has just started CrossFit. He is working with Jordan Wallace (on the left) and works out of the Reebok CrossFit Tyneside in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. Check out their website. And if you are ever in that part of the country, check out the box. I know they would welcome you with open arms. CrossFit is that type of community.


Warm weekend (it’s all relative) in store. Enjoy it while it lasts. We had a taste of winter this week. Not a big fan.          Joanna