Yesterday Mary took me to a tea shop. Not to drink tea but to buy some. I had never really appreciated the science that goes into blending tea. I walked into an Aladdin’s cave of tea. Three walls were lined with bags and bags of different types of teas, flavors and goodness knows what else that might end up in a cup of tea.

I was looking for a tea similar to Awake Tea that I get in Starbucks. I had to describe the taste of the tea, I smelled different leaves and eventually Danielle came up with something which is very similar. I now have a tea named after me. Probably only I will drink it but even so, I feel really special.

The other tea, Red Rooibos, is the tea that is drunk in the The No 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency (Alexander McCall Smith’s books). If my memory serves me correctly, it is described as a full bodied strong tea drunk only by traditional people. I tried it when I got home and liked it. Maybe I am a traditional lady!

The tea shop is called Tupelo Honey Teas (  If you like tea, or wish to buy a present for someone who likes tea, it is definitely worth a visit.                  Supping with my little finger extended.        Joanna