I was stopped in traffic when I took this. It just seemed really strange that every other tree was covered with snow. Maybe this tree has its own heating supply.

And while I was out running today I saw some impressive leaf shedding. Well the leaves had already been shed. If you have seen the Harry Potter movies, the one when the womping willow loses it leaves, snap just like that, well the leaf coverage on the ground under the trees I saw today was just like that; as though the tree had said, “OK I’m done. Leaves, bugger off” and they did. Plop, on the ground around the base of the tree. No errant leaves floating away across the road; just straight down. I thought it was impressive. Guess you had to be there.

I read the following report with incredulity. Granted I wasn’t there and don’t know the full story but even so, what am I missing? “MI6 spy Gareth Williams death ‘probably an accident’, police say: The death of MI6 spy Gareth Williams, whose body was found in a padlocked sports bag, was probably an accident, police have said.”

Thoughts and prayers go out to the marines killed at Camp Pendleton, San Diego this morning. US Marines killed in California base accident

A final thought: there was a report on the news this evening about the validity/efficacy of the practice by the TSA of behavior screening. Couldn’t find the report online (didn’t look too hard) but did find this one and my thought was (re Shrek and the donkey going off to find the princess when Shrek tells donkey he’s like an onion – layers), we are burrowing into an onion as we make our way from check-in to the gate to catch a plane. We are slithering our way through different layers of security. And I use the word ‘slithering’ deliberately because I have never once seen the floor by security being cleaned and all those bare, sock covered and stocking feet (all sweaty because we are nervous) traipsing through the scanners because we have to remove our shoes. It is DISGUSTING! And yes, I express my displeasure every time I have to tread those floors.  (TSA Behavior-Recognition Program Questions Airline Passengers

Good night. Sweet dreams.              Joanna