ImageWalked on the beach twice today in Virginia Beach just to the east of the Chesapeake Bay bridge. It was a little windy and chilly (it’s all relative) but absolutely beautiful. Ships were at anchor waiting for space further up the Bay, waves were breaking on the beach, the sun was shining and foam was scudding off the tops of the waves and across the sand. I took David’s and Bekah’s dog, Kloe, with me though the second time she was a little reluctant to come. Mind, this was after we had chased the mailman and his van down the road. I had two cards that needed posting but didn’t know where the mailbox was, spotted the mail van and ran for it. Dog not happy. However, after carrying her for a short distance, she decided to walk again. And boy, what an exciting beach adventure. We found all sorts of smells and dead animals into which we could poke our noses. Well, I didn’t but the dog did.

ImageMy biggest concern when encountering fish heads and jelly fish with a dog, is that the dog will roll in it. My Mum used to have a dalmatian which was great to take on the beach, except anything that smelled rotten was fair game for rolling in/on. Usually she was very well behaved but when she smelled something strong and rank, selective hearing kicked in and she was oblivious to everything. One time, as we were leaving the beach, she found a pile of horse dung. OMG! You have to bear in mind that dalmatians are basically white with black or brown spots. Well by the time I caught her, this bloody dog was green from head to foot and tail and stank. Needless to say, I was rather cross. I hauled her down to the sea and threw her in. (And the beach was really crowded because it was one of the rare sunny warm days in the North East of England.) This dog was not partial to swimming so she protested quite loudly. Anyway, by the time I had finished with her, she still smelled of horse shit but at least she wasn’t green.

ImageThis is a jelly fish though it looks a little like a rock.

Did go to David’s CrossFit Unparraled this morning for a light workout. Spent the rest of the day making chocolate cake; for celebrating our finish of the half marathon on Sunday. Of course, I had to taste test the mixture and frosting and filling as I went along so I have eaten rather a lot of chocolate too. Packet pick up tomorrow. Short run. And then rest.

Have a wonderful weekend. Missing Paul who is working on the boat tomorrow. Missing my community at CrossFit Mt Lebanon. But fun spending time with David and Bekah.                 Joanna