So ticked off about all the bad news, especially Obamacare, I am not going to mention any of it. Had a pretty good day so I am going to talk about that instead. Sorry. Boring, I know. But hey, ….

Slept well last night which was brilliant. Ready for the WOD. Lifted afterwards and managed a new PR for my back squat – 120lbs. I failed on my first attempt but got the second. Failed on 125lb; decided not to try that one again. Pretty pumped seeing as 8 weeks ago I was struggling with 65lb. Then went for an easy 8 mile run. Weather was beautiful. Run was pretty good, slow but steady; winding down for my race on Sunday. Felt good at the end. Jumped 100+ double unders, did some dips (triceps are not thanking me right now) and then made some cashew butter coconut chocolate fudge when I got home. Found that I had actually run just over 9 miles. Oops. But that’s OK. Means that I don’t feel quite so guilty for eating all the fudge.

Football is about start so I guess it’s time for bed. WOD on tomorrow. Paul is coming to the box too. Excited about that.     Joanna