ImageI forgot to mention in yesterday’s blog, I witnessed something quite bizarre, or at least I thought so at the time. I was running out at North Park and struggling because I was really really tired and I was despairing at myself because I kept thinking, if I can’t run 4 miles at a reasonable rate, how the hell am I going to managed 13.1 next weekend? Anyway, I was not a happy camper. And then I heard geese honking. Couldn’t see them in the gloom but could definitely hear them. And the sound was doing funny things. I couldn’t place where it was coming from; it was either directly in front of me or directly behind me. (Now I have had a previous experience with geese – I was nearly knocked off my bike by geese taking off when I was on their runway and them not leaving enough clearance.) So I kept running but very apprehensively. The honking was going back and forth between several birds and they seemed to be getting more and more excited. Eventually, there was a majorly loud chorused honk and then 5 or 6 birds began their take-off run down the grass towards the lake. I actually stopped to laugh and watch. I swear the geese were getting each other psyched up for their long migration flight (much like a football team will do their chant before a game) and on a final last ‘cheer’ they all turned as one and took off.

Today I was really whiney during CrossFit. I hurt. Old injury sites coming back to haunt me. A day late. But then I had a good walk and cuppa tea and a long chat with Mary and life was better. Until I got home.

The garage door wouldn’t open. Thought the battery in the remote must be flat. So let myself in through the front door (fortunately I had the keys with me), changed the battery and then turned on the light to go down to the basement and out through the garage. Ha! The light didn’t come on. First thought was that all the bulbs had blown. Oh come on. Closely followed by, oh the power’s out. And apparently, it had been out from about 10:30 this morning and eventually came back on around 7pm. However, the internet is still out. Comcast’s recorded message assured me that it would be back on at 8:12pm and then 12:03am. We’ll see what happens tomorrow. The reason is probably due to downed trees from last night’s storm. The road was blocked by a downed tree this morning so we had to turn around and go around the long way.

Have a wonderful weekend. Oh, and on my walk this afternoon, I saw so many red leaves. Guess the red isn’t needed in Boston any more and has re-distributed itself. Either that or the red coloured leaves don’t reveal themselves until well through the yellow/orange/gold show.                    Joanna