ImageNow that I have your attention …..

But seriously, I went to Dicks today and bought Paul some compression tights to try to help with workout recovery. No, they weren’t lime green; the box said black. I was excited to give them to him when he got home this evening, especially as he is going to the box tomorrow morning. Got the box out of the bag, took off the outer box, opened the inner box and …. ta da. The box was empty! Stunned silence. Flabbergasted. Someone had obviously, in the store, opened the box, taken out the tights, put the box back together and hung it back on the rack. Never occurred to me to open the box in the store. Beyond belief.

I immediately called the store and finally when I got to the third person, he agreed that if I bring the box back with the receipt, they would give me a pair to fill the box. What?! There was some debate about this! I will be calm. I am calm.  🙂       Joanna