ImageDid something today that I haven’t done in quite a while. I washed a paper tissue. How is it that tissues, when washed in the washing machine, seem to multiply their surface area exponentially? I swear I checked all the pockets; I will take full responsibility because Paul very rarely uses tissues. I pulled off the big bits but there were too many little tiddlely bits so I stuck the clothes in the dryer in the hopes that they will remove themselves with the lint.

Had a good run this morning though it was very cold. There was still frost on the ground in the shady areas when I finished but it did turn into a beautiful day. Need to re-adjust my workout schedule I think.  🙂  I am getting really excited about my upcoming half marathon – two weeks yesterday.

ImageI know I already shared this picture but it was so good, I had to share again. I had been just eating the Paleo chocolate coconut fudge but then Coach Brad, CrossFit Mt Lebanon, suggested topping it with almond butter. OMGoodness, talk about delicious. Fortunately this was the last piece.

Heard a news line about the rest of the world imposing sanctions on the US over the NSA’s spying/tapping/listening to telephone calls. Interesting. Haven’t found a link to back it up.

Still hoping everyone in the UK is OK.           Joanna