ImageI arrived at the box just as the Team WOD was finishing. I had just biked 2.5 miles to the start, run a 10K race at North Park, biked back the 2.5 miles to my car and then raced through town to get to CrossFit Mt Lebanon for a talk from a physical therapist on how to, preferably prevent injury, and rehab is injured. I didn’t walk in on this sight – my husband lying on the floor minus a shoe, but he was looking a little ashen as he sat shaking his head in disbelief as to what he had just accomplished.

Apparently the story behind the photo is, the Team WOD began with each team member (there were 3 on a team) having to row 500m. Paul rowed his but then couldn’t get his shoe out of the foot strap so he took off his shoe, collapsed on the floor to catch his breath while another team member removed his shoe from the erg machine. I think he is going to feel some of his ex-latent muscles tomorrow. He has since admitted that he did have fun and he might go again this week. I think I went for the easy option – the 10K race over the WOD.

ImageJust to prove he survived, Paul is middle row, 2nd from the right. And Anna only shouted at him X number of times.  🙂             Joanna