Image It was my way of reminding me, once my brain became oxygen-starved (about 10 seconds into the workout), of what the different components were. Pull Ups; Kettlebell Swings; Butterfly SitUps.

ImageHome-made banana bread. Paleo, of course.

Made myself an infinity scarf to go with my Oh So Silly Pili hat.Image

And I was tidying up some old handkerchiefs and came across this one. Not sure which child made it, but it is rather cute.Image

10K race running tomorrow at North Park, so early night tonight. I hope. Good luck to Heather Weiss Domitrovic. She is competing in the Beach 2 Battleship ironman triathlon tomorrow, in Willmington/Wrightsville Beach, NC. Her first triathlon in salt water. She is such a super star. I have yet to try that.

Happy weekend. Stay warm.         Joanna