ImageThe little white streaks just below the centre of the photo are snow pellets, caught falling late morning. I greeted them with mixed feelings. I always love to see snow falling and if it only fell on the trees and grass and houses, I would continue to love it. But the fact that it also falls on the roads, sidewalks and driveways rather puts a damper on things. However, good snow fall means good skiing too so probably the pro’s outweigh the con’s at the moment. Supposed to warm up (relatively) next week so today’s little burst is probably about all we will get before Christmas.

ImagePaleo sausage spaghetti squash bake. Oh my goodness, it was so good.

What happened to people taking responsibility for their actions/work/output? “Healthcare contractors point finger at Obama administration” I’m not in any sense suggesting that the government didn’t screw up over this. They did. But this “passing the buck” is rampant in our society today. People have been brainwashed almost to the point that if something goes wrong, it’s not their fault. Maybe it is something to do with the litigious nature of our society these days. Blame the lawyers? Oh, isn’t Obama a lawyer.

Also, something that hasn’t really had much made of it, and I think it is really strange. The company contracted to set up the front end of this enrollment programme is Canadian. Talk about exporting jobs. Can you really tell me that there was no American company that could have done the job, at least as well; probably better?

So I’ll carefully get down off my soap box. I missed the box but my shin didn’t, again, the other day at CrossFit. Same shin too. It hurt like Jo Buggery and still does. But what’cha gonna do?  🙂

And it is OK for the US government to eavesdrop/spy on foreign politicians because, according to Madeleine Albright, the French did it to her. Oh please.            Joanna