As the sun rose this morning, so did the boat out of the water. And I didn’t realize how low the water level was. Normally when the boat comes into the well, the anchors are higher than the concrete. Not today. They were probably 3-4″ below. Not a good sign. Means all the water is in Buffalo. Or it is just gone.

After a good high pressure water hose down, she was carted to the shed where she was squeezed in so close to the other boats around. As you can see, the anchor platform and anchors of the boat behind are overhanging our stern by 2 feet. Not quite touching. And the owner of the boat behind obviously spends an inordinate amount of time not on his boat because that whole front end was covered with spiders and their webs. The webs are still there but the spiders aren’t. They are either dangling out of their webs or are in a mush on the floor. It is amazing the effect of half a can of spider spray. They were even behind the plate on the bow. Gross!!!


Called in at North Park on the drive home to run some hill repeats and then lifted a new PR for me on the back squat. Managed to squat 100lb. It’s a slow process but I am slowly getting there.

Manageable Monday. Terrific Tuesday.         Joanna