imageThere is one good thing about the end of the season; we tend to be one of the last boats out of the water so we get our view back while at the dock.  Normally we have a ‘wall’ next to us as we look out towards the bay and lake. It is rather chilly on the boat right now but at least it isn’t snowing which it has done in the past. I do have the electric blankets and the two heaters going. Made the mistake of plugging them all in on the same side/circuit and of course I blew the fuse. But everything is working again now. Just as well really as Paul just arrived back from his travels to the UK.

Had a thought after I posted my piece yesterday about the bill passed by government to get it open again and the pork spending that is in it. Nancy Pelosi pleaded ignorance of the additional spending. I thought ignorance of the law was not a valid defence. So once again it seems as though there is one rule for them and another for us.

Looking forward to some good results from CrossFit Mt Lebo at the Fall Brawl tomorrow.  Wish I could be there to cheer everyone. Would really appreciate message Updates if possible.  419 349 4440.  Thanks.

Good luck to Anne McClain who is running some ungodly distance tomorrow.

My brother, who is in a wheelchair, went to his first session of CrossFit today and had a blast. He says he is hooked. Way to go Richard.

Have a wonderful weekend. Dare I say Go Steelers.        Joanna